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These days, the world’s businesses and companies, that are implementing their bussiness, are moving step by step towards sustainability – maintaining harmony in the relationship between society, nature, and people, responsibly creating constant value.

That’s why we, the SilverTree team, in line with strong values, are free and conscious in our decision to act responsibly and make the appropriate decisions that change the day-to-day running of our business and thus move into a sustainable business world.

The concept of growing Christmas trees

All of SilverTree’s sustainability-based action is endorsed by “Climate Tree Certified”, a concept for growing Christmas trees that contributes to and helps to address the common challenges of climate change, with a focus on carbon dioxide (CO2) emission problem.

The growing concept requires Christmas trees plantations to have at least 50% of permanent mixed forest and naturally developed nature. Our Christmas tree plantations also contribute to this natural absorption of CO2.

In order to balance and maintain the CO2 absorption and ecosystem of tree plantations, our business is committed to conducting theoretical and practical documentation that provides detailed information on the purchase, planting, and felling of Christmas trees.

We firmly believe that we must plant at least one new plant for each plant we cut. By such purposeful action, we are once again helping to reduce the overall amount climate challenges.

We aim to engage in public education because we want to teach people about the benefits of choosing a real Christmas tree for nature and the advantage over the purchase of an artificial Christmas tree. For example, the carbon emissions of an artificial Christmas tree (emissions of greenhouse gases from product production or daily human activities) is 40 kg of CO2, according to the “British Carbon Trust”, while a natural Christmas tree leaves only 3.5 kg of CO2 trace. We also emphasize in our activities that the cultivation of live Christmas trees is more beneficial to nature, due to CO2 absorption (on average, spruces absorb 10 tons/ha per year) and oxygen (O2) emissions, while the production of artificial Christmas trees, on the contrary, emits CO2.

It is also important that we take care of all Christmas trees collected from customers. Some trees are responsibly recycled and they become a fertilizer or biofuel. Others that have been grown and purchased in pots are replanted for a second life, of which as many as 90% successfully heal and continue to grow if they were properly treated throughout the festive period, based on our Christmas tree care recommendations.

Products that reduce climate change

The Climate Tree certification ensures that the Christmas conifers we sell are sustainable products that have a lower impact on climate change.

With the criteria set by the Climate Tree, which also includes the requirement to reduce climate change in the process of transporting products, we have made a significant decision in the policy of spruce disposal. In order to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles and drive less, but also wisely, we create schedules for the disposal of Christmas trees, which we use to allocate one day to one district of the city.

SilverTree is a sustainable business

Just as nature loves green trees, so our business seeks to contribute as much as possible to the sustainable cultivation and responsible conservation of conifers, which provide Christmas joy. It is therefore good to take one step alongside other businesses developing sustainable ideas and to build a human-nature relationship based on sustainability.

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