Premium Fir 200cm-225cm

About the tree:

  • Premium quality
  • Dense crown – gorgeous
  • Spikes virtually do not fall
  • Rich green soft spikes (does not poke)



The Danish or otherwise called Caucasian fir (Latin: Abies nordmanniana) is a much-loved and valued tree of families all over Europe and Lithuania, often decorating large spaces. This is a tree that, due to its impeccable genetics, can trick you at first sight!  Flawlessly formed regular, dense crown, large, soft, lush and rich green spikes can give the impression of an artificial tree at first glance. The fir gets along with even the most curious kids and pets, which can only be tickled by the spikes.  

The Danish fir, compared to other spruce species, remains fresh for a much longer period of time. Once the tree starts to dry, it does not drop spikes, therefore it can become a great attribute of your home or office during the holiday period.

Danish fir is an irreplaceable choice for creating a festive mood for people with allergies to strong spruce odors, because the smell of fir is poorly felt in the room.


Beatričė Paškevičiūtė
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Honestly, we have never had such a beautiful Christmas tree, and the most convenient thing is that it can be delivered and taken away! Perfect service - we were completely satisfied. Only praises!
Linda Čevere
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Attention to the customer and flexibility in the search for the best solution. Fast, insanely convenient, saves my time, pleasant communication in the process and a very nice outcome. And the part that you come to collect the trees!! 💯. I can't imagine holidays without this service. I would have complaints only for the Santa Claus efforts for gifts I found under the tree😂
Viktorija Šaulytė
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When I had a problem, I always got it solved and answered. Care and attention to the customer in all aspects, and most importantly the human aspect. I have already spent 3 Christmases with your trees. I will wait for the Christmas tree this year too! ❤️
Gerda Sõõrumaa
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Our family is extremely grateful to you for the unreal service and the wonderful Christmas tree 🎄 🌟 💛 Everything went very smoothly for us 🤗
Kristina Karaliūnė
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Great service. The courier not only delivered the tree, brought it to the door, but he had to put a lot of effort to make sure the stem fitted into the tree stand! The end result is great - we got the most beautiful tree!
Aanika Aal
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I haven't been happy like that for a long time! What a beauty tree the Silvertree team brought today! And the courier not only delivered a Christmas tree, but also brought such a positive emotion together! Way you live for a hundred years SIlvertree brand! And we will order the next year and many years after that! 🙂 super! Thank you very much for the excellence!
Laura Žukienė
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The main mission of - to make the purchase of a Christmas tree easy and smooth - was fulfilled perfectly! We received the tree on time, safely and, apparently, the most beautiful one 🙂 Thank you, Silvertree, for your kind cusrtomer experience, quality service and a great tree. See you next year, and we promise to come back!
Lauma Rute Misūne
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Arrived today! It is impossible not to praise 😉 Nordmann fir is gorgeous! the person who deliverit it was kind, with a smile (even through the mask), he volunteered himself and helped to put it in the stand! 10 points for the service. To have more such services! Keep up the principles of your work because it makes us happy! 👍🌲
Monika Ber
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Wonderful service! The courrier didn't allow me to take the very first Christmas tree in the car and asked me to choose from all the trees which he had in the car. 🙂 I ordered it on the last day, but you deliver it very quickly. What's most amazing, the house smelled (and still smells:) ) of a Christmas tree, and how I missed it!!! And during the next Christmas, we will be waiting for your nice trees!!!
Maarja Tamm
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What a wonderful tree decorates our home! today they brought a Danish tree (~2m high), an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL tree!!! dense big branches, so "fat" 🙂 The delivery guy were very polite, they even put the Christmas tree on a stand and brought it home. Thank you!
Laura Grumčiuvienė
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Beautiful Christmas trees and Normann firs! We are customers for the second year and we are happy 🙂 Excellent communications and quality service. The time you would spend looking for the most beautiful Christmas tree and driving around you can spend with your family using SilverTree service. 10 stars 👍
Your concerns

Will I really get a beautiful Christmas tree?

All our Nordmann firs and spruces are carefully selected by certified experts. We provide a 100% tree exchange and money back guarantee, so you can be sure that you will receive a tree that meets your expectations. If the the Christmas tree you received did not match your expectations, ask the courier to change it during delivery or contact us within 3 working days and we will replace the tree.

Why should you choose Silvertree Christmas trees?

Our long-term customers choose Silvertree every year because the time they would spend searching for the perfect Christmas tree in the dark parking lots, cleaning their clothes and car stained with Christmas tree sap and tree needles. Dragging the Christmas tree up the stairs and figuring out how to take it away from home and where to leave the tree after the holidays. Our customers rather choose to spend that time with their families and doing their hobbies.

How long does the Christmas tree stay "fresh" and keep it's needles?

Depending on the room temperature and humidity, Lithuanian Christmas trees start dropping their needles already in the first week, so we always recommend choosing a delivery date no earlier than December 15. Nordmann Firs do not tend to drop needles, but depending on room temperature and humidity, they wither naturally and retain their original shape for up to 3 weeks. Therefore, the Nordmann Firs should be decorated no earlier than December 10th. We want to emphasize that almost all of our Christmas trees and Christmas trees are booked by December 10th, so don't delay and reserve the tree you want as soon as possible.

When will you deliver the tree I ordered?

We will deliver the Christmas trees at the time interval chosen by you on the desired day. We deliver Christmas trees and Christmas trees from November 25th to December 22nd. Though in smaller cities only on weekends. However, you should not delay in reserving the desired Christmas tree or Nordmann Fir because the number of orders is very limited and we sell out before December 10th.

What if I am not at home at the time of Christmas tree delivery?

Our couriers are very flexible, so if you are not at home during the delivery of your Christmas tree, you can arrange another convienent time that day, or ask to transfer the delivery to the next day delivery.
Will you deliver the tree if I live out of town?
If you live no further than 5 kilometers from the city limits, we will certainly deliver the tree under the same conditions. For the most popular suburbs we deliver for free even if it's further than 5 kilometers from the city center. If you are more than 5 kilometers away from the city limits - we recommend contacting a customer service specialist and double-checking before placing an order.


We will reduce your holiday season hustle and take care of the most beautiful tree for your Christmas!


Our goal is to provide flawless service and the highest quality Christmas trees and Nordmann firs. We carefully select only PREMIUM trees. Also, throughout the experience we will take care of perfect service and flexible assistance of helpful couriers. Therefore, we can assure the 100% money back and Christmas tree replacement.


We want you to feel assured that by purchasing a SilverTree Christmas tree or Nordman fir, not only you are not harming nature, but you are also contributing to its preservation. More than 90% of the Christmas trees we offer are Climate Tree certified. The rest of the Christmas trees and Nordmann firs are grown no less sustainably and have similar high-level certifications.

Quality, versatility and lowest price

No more last-minute disappointing Christmas trees. You will no more get your clothes or car dirty while dragging a heavy 20-35 kg Christmas tree. Should we even mention dragging the tree, that pours spikes everywhere, down the stairs after the Christmas? We already have 5-year experience in careful choosing of every Christmas tree. Choose amazing customer service and serviceable couriers now. All of our trees are from sustainable “Climate tree” certified plantations. We already have over 10000 satisfied customers!

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