Christmas trees in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda

The Christmas tree is the most important attribute of Christmas. When the spruce enters through the doors of the house, the festive atmosphere fills the whole house and mesmerizes its inhabitants. So, to keep things running smoothly, the team wants to share a few tips that will help to properly maintain the Christmas tree and avoid unexpected surprises, such as: falling off the spikes and tree drying.

Christmas trees wilt naturally, just like roses.

First of all, we need to understand that Christmas trees are natural creatures, so like other plants (such as roses) they wither over time.

The so-called Danish firs (Lat. Nordman Fir) start to wilt at room temperature in the first week. Usually danish firs do not drop spikes, so even when wilting, they can decorate and delight your home. This type of Christmas tree can remain green and not wilted at room temperature for up to 3 weeks, depending on the room temperature and humidity.

Traditional Lithuanian spruces (Latin: Picea Abis) tend to drop spikes. Traditional spruces start droping their needles as early as the first week after bringing them into your home. At room temperature, traditional Christmas trees hold needles for up to 3 weeks depending on room temperature and humidity.

Like humans, Christmas trees have their own habits. During the winter, all the Christmas trees “fall asleep” for protection purposes, so when brought into the house and feeling a significant change in temperature, they experience stress and begin to “wake up” and at the same time to wilt. This is an inevitable and natural phenomenon, and we, humans, cannot resist this phenomenon. True, we can “pause” this phenomenon with proper care of Christmas trees, so let’s talk about it.

When to buy and how to maintain Christmas trees

Why people are decorating 2 spruces during the Christmas?

If you have the opportunity, try to keep the Christmas attribute as far away from heat sources as possible, such as radiators, heated floors, fireplaces, and so on. If the room is warm, the tree dries much faster, so it is worth paying attention to this as well. We want to clarify that the Christmas tree should not stand next to the fireplace, but a Christmas tree can decorate your room in the same room. If your home has a heated floor, we recommend placing the Christmas tree on a mat or podium. It is also important to understand that it is a living plant, so it is natural that we will not avoid the wilting of the Christmas tree over time.

The right time to decorate Christmas tree if you plan to have no more than one tree during the Christmas period

When planning to have one Christmas tree, it would be useful to plan the right time for it. In order for the Christmas tree to maintain a satisfactory shape and “freshness” not only for Christmas but also for the New Year, we recommend decorating them no earlier than December 15. We recommend decorating Lithuanian traditional spruces even later – from December 20. Although it is quite late days, it does not mean that it should be delayed to reserve a Christmas tree.

When to order a Christmas tree?

Every year we sell out our Christmas trees earlier and earlier – way before Christmas. Therefore, it is not worth delaying until the last minute to reserve trees. We recommend reserving a Christmas tree as early as possible, even without knowing the exact delivery date and time, as there is a risk of not getting a Christmas tree if you delay it. This means that later you will have to hurry to look for last-minute crooked spruces in supermarkets. When ordering a Christmas tree, you can change the date and time easily. Even if we have delivered the Christmas tree early, you can keep it on the balcony or terrace – so it will not “wake up” from the state of sleep and will not start to wilt yet.

Storing the Christmas tree at outdoor temperature

If you received the Christmas tree early, long before Christmas, we recommend not to rush and keep the Christmas tree outdoors or on the balcony for as long as possible. At cool temperatures, the Christmas tree remains in a state of sleep and therefore does not begin to wilt. We understand that you want to fill the house with the Christmas spirit as early as possible and everyone is in a hurry to get ready for the winter holidays even in November, but in order for the Christmas trees to survive till Christmas, you should not rush. Christmas trees that are stored in cool outdoor temperatures (cannot be stored in direct sunlight) retain their original appearance for up to 3 months. True, you can keep the Christmas tree outdoors, both packed and unfolded and decorated, so the tree will be able to delight you even outside.

Storing the Christmas tree at room temperature

If you have the opportunity, try to keep the tree as far away from heat sources as possible: radiator, fireplace. If you have a heated floor in your home, we recommend placing the Christmas tree on a mat or podium. At high room temperatures, the tree dries much faster, so it is worth paying attention to this as well. We want to clarify that the Christmas tree should not stand next to the fireplace, but a Christmas tree can decorate your room in the same room. However, it is worth remembering that the higher the temperature and the drier the room, the faster the traditional Lithuanian Christmas tree spikes fall off and the fir trees dry out. So, it is important to understand that this is a living plant, so it is natural that we will not avoid the wilting of the Christmas tree over time.

Spruce watering and irrigation

Christmas trees can absorb about 1-2 liters of water, depending on their size and location. Try to buy a Christmas tree stand that can be filled with water. You can buy a special durable stand in our online store, which will help you solve the issue of spruce installation and irrigation. We have noticed that it happens that for various reasons the Christmas tree does not drink water, it is not worth worrying about. Because firs are grown in humid marine climates, they also absorb water through needles. For this reason, we recommend using a water spray, and water the tree needles regularly. This should be done 1-2 times a day.

Care and storage of the Christmas tree in a pot

All the Christmas trees with pots we sell are grown in pots. This means that they were not uprooted or cut down and simply placed in a flowerpot (such Christmas trees never survive). The care and storage recommendations for Christmas trees grown in our pots are almost no different from the recommendations for storing felled trees. Though, we recommend to place the pot on top of the plate, so the water would not spill on the floor while watering the plant. It is important to understand that in order to plant a Christmas tree grown in a pot, it must be properly maintained in accordance with our recommendations. The essential difference in care when comparing a Christmas tree in a pot and a cut tree is that in order to successfully replant firs grown in a pot, they should not be kept at room temperature for too long. We recommend that you do not store the tree in a pot at room temperature for more than five days in a row. After keeping the tree for five days at room temperature, it should be taken to the balcony or outside. If necessary, the tree can be brought back into the room after a week, but after a few days the tree must be taken outside again.

Just remember that Christmas trees are natural creations.

Danish firs wilt naturally, and traditional Lithuanian spruces drop their needles. Therefore, in order to keep the Christmas tree "fresh" for more than three weeks, it should be kept outdoors or at a temperature below 20 ° C, with proper care of the tree.

We wish you cozy holidays and heartwarming Christmas trees! <3

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