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How to maintain, and where to store the Christmas tree?

How to maintain the Christmas tree, where to store it and the rest of our other recommendations can be found here

How do you guarantee the quality of Christmas trees?

All Christmas trees are selected and evaluated by quality evaluators, therefore we provide a 100% money back or Christmas tree replacement guarantee. If the delivered Christmas tree does not meet your needs, the courier has more Christmas trees of your chosen type during delivery to offer. At your request, we will give you the opportunity to choose the best Christmas tree from the available ones or return the money. Read more about quality guarantees here

Where do Christmas trees travel after the holidays when you pick them up?

We collect all Christmas trees after the holidays. If it’s a fir tree in a pot, we replant it (if you want, you can keep the tree and do it yourself). If you want the tree in the pot to survive, read the storage recommendations. We take the cut trees for recycling for fertilizer or biofuel.

When is the best time to order a Christmas tree?

We advise you to order as early as possible, as the number of trees is limited. We recommend that you choose the delivery date as late as possible, before the holidays. However, if you have decided to choose the delivery of the tree more than 3 weeks before Christmas, we recommend keeping the Christmas tree in the balcony or terrace for some time. In a cold environment, the tree feels best and can stay fresh there for up to 3 months. A few days before Christmas, you can bring the tree home. Read more about it here

How long can a tree stand at home and stay fresh?

There is no exact answer. Fir is a living plant and is affected by many factors such as: room humidity, temperature, etc. It is very important to keep the tree as far away from heat sources as possible and to irrigate it as much as possible. This way the fir can stay green for up to 3 weeks. Later, the tree begins to dry, but the great thing is that the fir does not tend to drop spikes. Of course, if you keep the tree on the terrace or balcony, it can last for several months. Read more about Christmas tree storage and maintenance here

Is it possible to keep the fir outside: in a glass balcony or terrace?

Of course! There is the best temperature for the tree. Just remember to not add any water to the stand if the Christmas tree is outside as it will freeze and break the stand.

When can you deliver a Christmas tree the fastest?

Earliest we can deliver the Christmas tree is the next day after the order, but we encourage you to keep the tree, that was delivered early, on the balcony, terrace or another cold and humid place. Our recommendation is to choose the delivery of the tree as late as possible, closer to the holidays.

Is it possible to change the delivery time and date?

The delivery date and time can be changed very easily. After placing your order you will receive a confirmation email with a link that allows you to change the delivery date and time yourself. You can also do this by calling or emailing us. . If you are not at home on the chosen day, we will deliver the Christmas tree at another time convenient for you.

What are the conditions for the disposal of Christmas trees?

You can find the conditions for the disposal of Christmas trees and all information related to delivery and disposal here

How to pay for a Christmas tree or stand?

You can pay for all our goods via electronic banking or at the time of delivery by card and cash.

Is it possible to order a Christmas tree if I live outside of Vilnius / Kaunas / Klaipeda?

Yes, so far we deliver only in these towns. If you live in the outskirts of these towns (though no further than 5 kilometers away from the city limits) we will deliver Christmas trees applying same same free delivery and disposal. If you live a little further out of town - contact customer service for further explanation. In case we have large quantities of orders in your neighbourhood, we will apply free delivery and disposal as well. When delivering Christmas trees further out of town, we reserve the right to apply an additional fee of 5€, or refuse to deliver the Christmas tree .

Do you issue an invoice to for the companies?

Yes, we will send the invoice to the e-mail address specified in the order .

In what cases do we replace the Christmas tree?

When Christmas trees do not meet your expectations or do not meet the quality standard - we always replace Christmas trees. Later than 3 days after the delivery of the Christmas tree we do not change the Christmas tree and do not return the money.

What is the diameter of the tree stem? What is the diameter of the lower crown of a Christmas tree?

The diameter depends on the height of the tree, but is approximately equal to 8-12 centimeters. The diameter of the lower crown of a Christmas tree is about half the height of the tree.

Is it necessary to order an additional stand when ordering a Christmas tree? Do you mount it in a stand that the customer has?

When buying a Christmas tree, you can also buy a stand for an additional fee. Placing a Christmas tree on a stand is very simple. When it comes to mounting a tree in our stand, it only takes 15sec. If you ask, our couriers will help you mount a Christmas tree. The diameter of the Christmas tree stem can be up to 8-12 cm, so keep in mind that it is not possible to install them in every stand. If your stand is too small for the ordered Christmas tree, the courier has the right to refuse to install the Christmas tree in the unsuitable stand. If necessary, you can also purchase the stand by requesting a courier.

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