Customer satisfaction policy and delivery and disposal conditions


Worry free Christmas tree! Our goal is to provide impeccable service and the highest quality Christmas trees! That is why we carefully select only PREMIUM quality trees. It should be remembered that Christmas trees are natural creations, so each Christmas tree is unique. It will often be possible to notice some unevenness or a more curved twig. So, if the delivered Christmas tree does not meet your expectations, we will gladly replace the Christmas tree with another one.

We will also take care of perfect service and flexible assistance of helpful couriers. In the event of even the slightest misunderstanding or error, we try to correct them, so we look forward to your criticism and wishes.

We boldly guarantee a 100% money back and Christmas tree replacement guarantee. In case of misunderstandings, you can contact the courier who delivered the Christmas tree, customer service by phone, e-mail. or Facebook and Instagram platform.

Replacing the Christmas tree - return conditions

If the delivered Christmas tree does not meet your expectations, the courier will be happy to replace it with another one. To make this run more smoothly, inspect the Christmas tree before the courier has left or as soon as possible after delivery. In this case, the courier will not be very far away and it will be easier to return. You can ask the courier to show you more than one Christmas tree. You can see the Christmas trees at the courier’s car. We will flexibly adapt to everyone’s needs.

If you do not have the opportunity to inspect the Christmas tree during delivery, you can request a replacement of the Christmas tree within 3 days of the delivery date.

3 days after delivery, we do not change the Christmas tree and do not return the money.

We sincerely recommend reading the recommendations for storing and maintaining Christmas trees here


We look at the delivery of Christmas trees very flexibly. We recommend reserving a Christmas tree even if you do not know when you will want the Christmas tree to be delivered. You can always change the date and time. The number of Christmas trees is very limited, so it is not worth waiting for the last day. If it happens that you will not be at home during the delivery, you can arrange another time with the courier on the same day or the courier will postpone the delivery of your order to the end of the day’s route bookings, if it fails, you will be contacted by a customer service specialist who will offer another time that suits you.

Delivery terms and information

We are delivering Christmas trees from November 22nd. until December 24th. on weekdays and weekends.

Christmas trees are delivered on your chosen day at your desired time interval.

Delivery time is also available in the evenings until 21:00.

The delivery date and time can be changed at any time. You can do this by following the link you will receive in the email together with the order confirmation or by contacting us at the phone number, email or message on Facebook.

If the customer is not found at home when the courier arrives to deliver the Christmas tree, the order is postponed to the end of the same day’s route or another time is arranged.


We take care of the Christmas trees purchased and collected from customers. All cut trees are responsibly recycled, becoming land fertilizer or biofuel. All pot grown Christmas trees that we sell are replantable. If properly maintained throughout the festive period, in accordance with our Christmas tree care recommendations, as many as 90% of pot grown Christmas trees will successfully take root and continue to green.

As we move towards sustainability and reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles, we try to drive not only less, but also wisely. We create schedules for the disposal of Christmas trees, on the basis of which we allocate one day to one city district.

Disposal conditions and information

We collect Christmas trees on January 6-13. We take the Christmas trees out based on the districts. The list of dates and districts will be published on our Facebook account and on the page.

Also, 3 days before the planned collection of Christmas trees in your district, we will send an SMS message and e-mail to start preparing Christmas trees for collection. Sometimes, due to technical errors, you may not receive an SMS or email so please be understanding and search about the date assigned to you on our website or Facebook page.

In order to collect Christmas trees efficiently and save nature, we will not be able to promise the exact time when collecting Christmas trees. The courier will have the shortest possible route to collect all the Christmas trees. If you are at home during the courier’s call, for your convenience, the courier will be able to go inside and wrap the Christmas tree in a special bag. If you have the opportunity to leave the Christmas tree outside or in the staircase, we highly appreciate it, as it contributes to a more efficient Christmas tree collection process.

If you do not plan to be at home on the appointed day, we hope to find a Christmas tree in a place accessible to us (in the yard, at the gate or in the staircase). In this case, to ensure the peace of mind of the neighbours, you can leave a note that the Christmas tree will be picked up by the SilverTree courier. There is no need to prepare the Christmas tree for disposal. We recommend that you shake the Christmas tree well in one place before carrying it in the yard or staircase, as this will help you to sweep the fallen needles faster. When you do this, you will not sprinkle the needles when carrying the Christmas tree down the corridor or stairs.

In case of misunderstanding – the courier does not pick up your Christmas tree, contact the courier or our customer service specialists. You can ask to take the Christmas tree in the evening of the same day or in the morning of the next day. We will try to solve any misunderstandings.

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