Who are we?

Probably each of us has had difficulty moving the Christmas tree home. Starting with the search for a beautiful Christmas tree, placing a piercing tree in the car, carrying it up the stairs – you need to shed a lot. And what about the removal of the falling Christmas tree after the holidays? You need to know where to take it, because you can’t leave the Christmas tree next to the household waste container or anywhere in the yard.

Our mission

Making it easier to buy a Christmas tree so that your biggest puzzle with the Christmas tree would be to decorate it. We deliver PREMIUM class Christmas trees free of charge to the places chosen by the customers at the desired time, and after the holidays we take them out for processing or replanting.

We are an ambitious company

For which every customer is most important. Every year, we strive to reduce Christmas worries, meet customer needs and family values, provide all quality guarantees, and spread true Christmas joy.
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